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Copper Ore Processing And Equipment

Process Flow of Disseminated Copper Ore

The flotation copper separation process of disseminated copper ore is relatively simple. The raw ore is crushed and ground by a crusher and a ball mill. The final grinding fineness is about 200 meshes, and then the flotation machine performs a rough selection, and a fine One or two sweeping operations are carried out on the tailings. A complete set of copper separation equipment can extract high-purity copper ore by using this process. If the disseminated particle size of copper minerals is relatively fine, the multi-stage grinding process is often used. That is, the grinding operation is divided into several stages, the coarse concentrate is ground again, and then the selected stage grinding process, after coarse grinding, Roughing, sweeping, re-grinding, and refining of the rough concentrate to obtain high-grade copper concentrate.

Process Flow of Dense Copper Ore

Because the main components of dense copper ore are chalcopyrite and pyrite dense symbiosis, because the pyrite in it is difficult to suppress during the flotation operation, resulting in difficult sorting, in view of this situation, two-stage grinding or the process of stage grinding, the ball mill grinds the ore into finer materials. The flotation machine increases the flotation efficiency by adding reagents during the operation.

In the process of beneficiation of copper ore processing, especially in the process of crushing and grinding, we must adhere to the principle of “more crushing and less grinding” and strive to make full use of the new type of equipment in the process of copper ore beneficiation Energy-saving technology and new green equipment. Generally speaking, when adopting energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and high-efficiency new equipment, once crushing and grinding operations are required, it is necessary to improve the equipment according to the actual situation of the mineral, plant the crushing time and grinding particle size in detail, and at the same time Adjust the crushing and grinding operation time, mill speed and grinding medium matching degree, try to use some new steel wire materials, liner materials, and grinding aids. For example, most of the mineral resources are disseminated copper ores, so use three processes:

  • The first rough selection
  • The other two to three selections
  • The last one or two sweeps

Consider a staged grinding process if the copper ore has a relatively fine disseminated particle size. When processing bornite, most will use coarse concentrate regrinding, a period of coarse grinding, roughing, and sweeping before the grinding process, and then coarse concentrate regrinding and re-concentration. , the copper concentrate and sulfur gold ore obtained in this way will be of higher quality. Generally speaking, some copper ores with relatively high density primarily comprise pyrite and chalcopyrite. Still, if there is a high content of pyrite in it, then it will face the problem of separation difficulties. It is necessary to carry out a second sorting to obtain sulfur concentrate and copper concentrate at the time of sorting.

Process Flow of Copper Ore With Complex Composition

For copper ore with complex composition content, the copper beneficiation technology adopted by the whole set of copper ore beneficiation equipment is mainly the flotation method, combined with the gravity separation method, magnetic separation method, wet smelting, etc., which can be customized for users according to specific conditions. Configure a more reasonable process flow.

Copper Ore Processing Equipment

Copper ore processing equipment is an excellent and efficient piece of equipment that can improve the value of copper ore. The equipment includes a jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, flotation machine, thickener, and dryer. It comprises leading equipment such as a feeder, hoist, and conveyor to form a complete beneficiation production line. The copper ore processing production line has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy, high processing capacity, and reasonable economy.

jaw crusher
ball mill
flotation machine

Copper ore processing equipment selection principles 

  1. When selecting equipment, it must meet the requirements of its dressing plant scale, equipment form, ore properties, and process flow.
  2. Try to choose some reliable technologies with high quality and energy-saving, environmental protection features, and new equipment recognized by the country. After fully considering the price and performance of the equipment, you can choose the same equipment.
  3. Some nationally stereotyped products with the characteristics of simple maintenance, safety, and reliability, and convenient operation are also the main objects for the selection of copper mining equipment.
  4. In selecting copper mine equipment, it is necessary to fully consider the fluctuation of processing capacity caused by the change in ore properties.
  5. The copper mining equipment must have the characteristics of convenient supply and reliable sources.


Factors Affecting the Price of Copper Ore Processing Equipment

Usually, the price of copper ore ball mill will be affected by various factors such as raw material cost, manufacturer, and market conditions.

  1. Raw material cost
    The primary raw material used in copper ore ball mills is steel, so the price of steel will directly affect the price of copper ore ball mills. When the price of steel rises, the cost of copper ore ball mills will also increase. And vice versa, it will decrease accordingly.
  2. Manufacturer
    The scale, comprehensive strength, capital status, and service level of copper ore ball mill manufacturers will have an important impact on the price. Usually, the larger the scale and the stronger the manufacturer’s strength, the higher the quotation for the equipment will be. This is because, Such manufacturers have sufficient funds, and the investment cost of equipment will be higher, resulting in higher prices for copper ore ball mills.
  1. Market conditions
    Factors such as market supply and demand relationship and competitiveness will have a certain impact on the price of copper ore ball mills. When the demand for copper ore ball mills in the market is great, manufacturers will take the opportunity to increase the cost to obtain more profits. Manufacturers will lower prices when the need for mineral ball mills is small to get more sales.

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