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Modular Crushing & Screening System

Modular Crushing & Screening System

Feeding Size: 0-1200mm

Capacity: 0-1200 TPH

Application: Barite, manganese ore, granite, limestone, dolomite, river pebbles, iron ore, copper ore, basalt, gold ore, etc.,

Standard Modular Crushing And Screening Plants: Jaw, cone, impact crusher station, sand-making machine station, screening machine station.

Modular crushing plants can meet your needs. Pre-engineered standard components make installation simpler, faster, and easier.

Standard Modular Crushing And Screening Plant

The modular crushing and screening system provides flexible and quick-starting crushing and screening solutions to meet the needs of different customers, especially for open-pit mine crushing. Standardized and modularized products are fast and straightforward to install, reduce infrastructure and installation costs, facilitate rapid operation, and quickly realize investment returns, excellent screening capacity, intelligent process control, easy operation, complete accessories, and screen support.


  • Reuse of construction waste
  • Stone quarry crushing sand
  • Municipal Construction Engineering
  • Mining crushing
  • Metal mineral crushing
  • Coal mine crushing


  • The structure design is compact, saving space and reducing the construction site’s floor area.
  • The foundation is easy to deal with, and the equipment foundation is small, which avoids the difficulty of civil construction.
  • All modules are factory-tested and assembled in advance, shortening the on-site installation time.
  • The equipment and process are coordinated and smooth, with a high degree of matching in model selection and high operating efficiency.
  • The equipment installation and maintenance are convenient, fast, safe, and efficient.
  • The modular station is easy to dismantle and reinstall, ensuring that the project can be quickly relocated and reassembled according to construction needs.

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Jaw Crusher Plant

jaw crusher plant

Primary Crushing of Minerals and Rocks

Capacity: 1-1120t/h
Feed Size: 100-1200mm
Output Size: 10-350mm
Configure Equipment: Feeders, jaw crushers, belt conveyors, and modular structural parts.
Main Module Structure: Feeding bin, equipment support, maintenance platform, ladder railing, feeding, and discharging chute.

Cone Crusher Plant

cone crusher plant

Medium & Fine Crushing of Minerals & Rocks Above Medium Hardness

Capacity: 30-1200 t/h
Feed Size: 5-350mm
Output Size: 5-60mm
Configure Equipment: Cone crusher, modular equipment base structural parts.
Main Module Structure: Equipment support, maintenance platform, ladder railing, in and out hopper, intermediate silo.

Impact Crusher Plant

impact crusher plant

Secondary Crushing of Minerals & Rocks Below Medium Hardness

Capacity: 10-350 t/h
Feed Size: 100-500mm
Output Size: 10-80mm
Configure Equipment: Impact crusher, in and out of the hopper,modular structural parts
Main Module Structure: Equipment support, maintenance platform, ladder railing, access hopper.

Screening Machine Module Station

Modular Screening Plant

Capacity: 10-800 TPH
Screen Mesh: 3-80mm
Screen Layer: 1-4 layers
Configure Equipment: Vibrating screen machine, modular structural parts
Main Module Structure: Screening machine, slide-out chute, fine material discharge chute, platform module, the support module, ladder handrail module.

The screening machine module station is mainly used to support the coarse crushing module of the jaw crusher and the cone crusher’s medium and fine crushing module to screen and classify the crushed products.


  • Beautiful and simple structure, all independent workpieces can be disassembled, and they are easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport.
  • The slide-out discharge chute at the front provides convenience for the maintenance of the screening machine.
  • The collapsible lower discharge chute makes it easy to transport and install.
  • Ladders, handrails, and surrounding walkways are convenient for inspecting and maintaining any part of the vibrating screen.

Sand Making Plant

sand-making plant

Capacity: 120-640t/h
Input size: 30-50mm
Configure Equipment: Sand-making machine, modular structural parts

The sand-making machine module station is mainly used in the construction and non-mining industries to process and produce high-quality sand or granular materials.


  • With small vibration and low noise, it can produce high-quality sand with round particles and continuous and stable gradation.
  • The structure is beautiful and simple. All independent workpieces can disassemble, which is convenient for assembly, disassembly, and transportation.
  • It can equip with a hydraulic opening and closing or an electric lifting device, which is convenient for equipment maintenance.
  • It can configure with a standardized intermediate silo and a modular unit capable of continuous and uniform feeding.
  • Safety ladders, handrails, and platform passages are convenient for operators to check the sand-making machine.

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