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Belt Filter Press

Belt Filter Press

Capacity: 0.5-30 t/h

Power: 0.75-7.5 kW

Concentration: Slurry feed concentration is 3-8%, output concentration is 25-40%.

Application: Metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, paper making, printing and dyeing, leather, electroplating, brewing, coal, sugar making, etc.

Belt Filter Press Introduction

Belt filter press is a kind of equipment widely used in the field of solid-liquid separation, especially for the dehydration of activated sludge, metallurgical sludge, flotation concentrate, and tailings (coal). It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, papermaking, printing and dyeing, leather, electroplating, brewing, coal, sugar making, and other industries. A belt filter press is a kind of equipment that separates solid and liquid under a certain pressure through one or more continuously running filter belts. The belt filter press has become a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment in many industries due to its simple structure, large processing capacity, convenient operation, and high degree of automation.

A belt filter press is built so that it occupies very little space. The entire equipment occupies very little space due to its unique build. Although it performs the same function and gives the same effective results as other filter machines, it occupies ½ of the space compared to all other filter machines.


  1. The concentrated belt filter press has a compact structure, novel style, convenient operation and management, large processing capacity, low filter cake moisture content, and good effect.


  1. The gravity dewatering section is inclined, and the sludge liquid surface is 30mm above the filter cloth. The gravity dewatering section is long, and the total length of the first and second gravity dewatering sections is more than 5m, so the sludge is fully dehydrated and loses fluidity before squeezing.


  1. The dewatering roller adopts a “T”-shaped drain trough to quickly discharge the water after squeezing. Thereby improving the dewatering effect. The filter belt deviation is equipped with an automatic control device, and the filter belt tension and filter belt moving speed can be freely adjusted, which is convenient for operation and management.
Belt Filter Press Application

The belt filter press is easy to handle. It has an uncomplicated and straightforward design. The easy and simple design makes a belt filter very easy to use and operate. No special training is required to learn the operation of a belt press machine. It can be used even by ordinary workers without any special instructions. The machine is not only simple in its design but also gives very accurate results.

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