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Small Cabinet Induction Melting Furnace

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Voltage: 220/380V

Capacity: 1-8kg

Melting Speed: 3-5mins

Procession Material: Gold, silver, copper, beryllium, and other non-ferrous metal

Small Cabinet Induction Melting Furnace Introduction

A small cabinet induction melting furnace is a piece of equipment used to melt metal or other conductive materials. It adopts the principle of induction heating and generates an alternating magnetic field in the material through an induction coil so that the material generates an induced current, which makes the material self-heat and melt rapidly. Such furnaces are typically used for small-batch metal melting, alloy preparation, melt infiltration, and other applications.

Compared with large-scale industrial melting equipment, cabinet-type induction melting furnaces have smaller volumes and lower melting capacity and are suitable for laboratories, schools, jewelry processing, small production lines, and other occasions requiring small batch melting. Due to its high efficiency, rapidity, and environmental protection, small cabinet induction melting furnaces have been widely used in some specific fields.

Small Cabinet Induction Melting Furnace
Small Cabinet Induction Melting Furnace


Our Small Cabinet Gold Melting Furnace Features

  • The maximum furnace temperature can reach 1500-2500 degrees.
  • High heating efficiency and low noise during operation.
  • The frequency range is wide, from 1KHz to 30KHz, the melting volume can be considered comprehensively, and the induction coil and matching capacitor box can be designed according to specific requirements.
  • The machine is easy to install and operate, professionally debugged before leaving the factory, no on-site debugging is required, and it can work with water and electricity.

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