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Disc Vacuum Filter

Disc Vacuum Filter

Filtering Area: 10-120 ㎡ 

Capacity: 0.85-1.2 t/h•m2

Application: Dehydration of non-ferrous metal concentrates, fine materials, coal washing plants, non-metallic minerals, chemical and environmental protection industries.

Disc Vacuum Filter Introduction

Disc vacuum filter is a solid-liquid separation equipment, which uses vacuum as filtering power to separate solid and liquid in slurry, and is suitable for dehydration of non-ferrous metal concentrates, fine-grained materials, etc. The machine adopts advanced technologies such as filter disc guide frame guidance, variable speed stirring, back-blowing unloading, automatic centralized lubrication, etc. It is a dehydration equipment with excellent performance and reliable use. This machine is a new disc vacuum filter specially designed for ferrous ores (iron ore, ytterbium ore), precious metal ores (gold, silver and copper ore), non-ferrous metal ores (lead and zinc ore), non-metallic ores (feldspar ore, fluorite ore, andalusite ore, graphite ore, quartz sand ore), chemical industry, environmental protection, coal washing and ore dressing dehydration.

Disc Vacuum Filter Characteristics

Filter fan(disc)

  1. Smooth surface, evenly distributed dehydration holes, reasonable porosity, rounded edges of filter fan and ribs, which not only improves dehydration rate but also prolongs the service life of filter cloth.
  2. The filter fan head has chamfers, high strength, and reinforced ribs at the bottom of the filter fan, which are not easy to damage or break during assembly and disassembly.
  3. The angle between the rib direction and the center line of the filter fan is more reasonable, and the fluid resistance is small. The large effective area of the filter fan improves the processing capacity of the filter.
  4. The wall thickness of the filter fan is 1/3 thicker than that of the ordinary one, and the weight of the filter fan is also increased by 1/3. It is a filter fan with reasonable structure and firmness in the current domestic market, and the average life is extended by 1.5 to 2 times.

Main shaft and filter tube

  1. The filter tube (including the shaft head) adopts high-strength wear-resistant ceramic composite steel pipe with a thick wall that is not easy to wear and prolongs the service life by more than two to three times.
Disc Vacuum Filter Application

2. The flange connection is canceled at the interface between the filtrate pipe and the filter fan, and mold positioning and direct welding are adopted, which eliminates the aging factor of the leak-proof rubber gasket at the original flange connection and eliminates possible leakage points.

3. The pressure plate of each filter fan block is tightened with stainless steel screws and nuts at both ends, which is not easy to rust, makes it easy to replace the filter cloth, and greatly reduces labor intensity.


  1. Add permanent magnets to prevent mineral powder from entering the stirring sleeve;
  2. Use water seal;
  3. Use packing seal;
  4. Add a skeleton seal ring to seal the shaft;
  5. The shaft surface is plated to prevent rust;

Tank body

The tank body below the stirring shaft adopts a corundum polymer wear-resistant coating to prevent the tank body steel plate from being worn.

Lubrication and cleaning

The dry oil pump is used for centralized multi-point automatic lubrication to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The filter cloth is cleaned with an automatic cleaning device to maintain a good dehydration effect.

Electric control

The frequency conversion condensation is used to adjust the concentration and flow of the material to achieve the ideal working effect.

Disc vacuum filter is a highly efficient, energy-saving, and highly automated solid-liquid separation equipment, widely used in mining, metallurgy, the chemical industry, environmental protection, and other fields. Its main advantage is that it can continuously and efficiently filter and dehydrate, but it also needs to consider the initial investment and maintenance costs. It can greatly improve production efficiency and economic benefits through reasonable selection and use.

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