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Square Swing Vibration Screen

Square Swing Vibration Screen

Screening Size: 3-6 m2
Motor Power: 3-7.5 kW
Screen Layer: 1-5 available
Screen Box Stroke: 25-60 mm
Applications: It is used in mineral processing, building materials, chemical industries, food, metallurgy, abrasives, and other industries.

Square Swing Vibration Screen Introduction

The square swing vibrating screen is a commonly used screening equipment with a simple structure and easy-to-understand principle. It uses vibration force to screen materials in the screen box and has the characteristics of high efficiency and large processing capacity. It has broad application prospects in mining, metallurgy, the chemical industry, and other industries.

Square Swing Screen Features

  • Our square swing vibration screen has efficient screening capabilities. The equipment uses a swing screen for screening, which can quickly and effectively separate chromium ore into particles of different sizes. Its screening efficiency is high, and it can greatly improve production efficiency.
  • Our square swing screen has stable working performance. The equipment is made of high-quality materials, has a solid and stable structure, can maintain good operating conditions during long work periods, is not prone to failure, and has a long service life.
  • Our square swing screen has a flexible adjustment function. Users can adjust the swing frequency and amplitude of the screening machine as needed to achieve screening requirements for different granular materials, which have strong applicability and flexibility.
  • Our square swing screen also has an automatic cleaning function. The equipment is equipped with a cleaning device that can regularly clean impurities and blockages on the screen to ensure the screening effect and the regular operation of the equipment.

The square swing vibrating screen is ideal screening equipment and is widely used in mining, metallurgy, the chemical industry, and other industries. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, stability, flexibility, and automatic cleaning.

Square Swing Screen Details

  • Fully enclosed structure
    The square swing screen has a fully enclosed structure, which prevents dust from flying. It uses a biased balance to make the screen machine less vibrating and noisy. Comply with environmental protection requirements.
  • Screening of various materials
    The square swing screen combines three motion modes: circumferential, circular, and linear. It has a good screening effect and is suitable for screening various materials.
  • Long service life
    The square swing screen is equipped with an automatic tensioning and automatic cleaning screen installation system, which enables high screen utilization, long service life, and a simple and fast screen-changing structure.
Square Swing Vibration Screen feature

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