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Spiral Sand Washing Machine With Trommel Screen

Capacity: 1-160 TPH

Applicable Materials: Suitable for sand, placer gold, coal, coke, lime, mountain sand, weathered sand, and other materials.

Application Area: It is used for washing materials in sand and gravel plants, mines, building materials, transportation, water conservancy, and hydropower, mixing stations, and other industries.

Spiral Sand Washing & Screening Integrated Machine Introduction

The spiral sand washing machine with a trommel screen is a type of sand washing machine used for separating and cleaning sand and aggregates. This integrated equipment combines the needs of sand washing equipment and realizes that a single machine can perform the functions of feeding, screening, and sand washing. This combination of equipment is commonly used in construction, mining, and other industries where cleaning and classifying granular materials like sand is necessary.


  • The integrated body of the spiral screen sand washing machine is 8mm thick steel with a long service life.
  • The all-in-one screw screen and sand washing machine have a compact structure and a small footprint.
  • The integrated sand washing machine comprises a hopper, a rolling screen, a spiral sand washing machine, and a reducer. Integrating feeding, screening, and sand washing into one body, one machine with multiple functions.
  • Its large processing capacity, good sand-washing effect, and wheels can also be installed on it, making it easy to move.

Spiral Sand Washing And Screening Integrated Machine Details

  • Transmission
    Using a high-quality copper core motor, strong shock resistance, small vibration, low noise, and sufficient power.
  • Spiral blade
    Manganese steel is used, the welding is firm, wear-resistant iron can be added, and the service life is long.
  • Trommel screen
    Made of thickened steel, the mesh size can be customized.
  • Chute bracket
    Thickened and reinforced channel steel bracket, widened and lengthened, more water storage.
  • Bearing
    Support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient of the operation, and ensure its rotation accuracy.

Trommel Screen And Spiral Washer Plant Process

Feed Hopper: The process begins by introducing raw material, usually sand and water, into a feed hopper.

Trommel Screen: The trommel screen is a cylindrical drum-like structure with perforated holes. It rotates to separate the larger-sized materials from the smaller ones. As the drum rotates, the smaller particles (sand, dirt, and other fine materials) fall through the holes in the trommel screen, while larger materials are retained and conveyed along the length of the drum.

Spiral Sand Washer: The retained larger materials are then transported along the length of the trommel to the discharge end. At this point, the spiral sand washing machine comes into play. It consists of a spiral screw-shaped conveyor that lifts and agitates the retained materials, effectively cleaning and washing the particles. Water is usually added to aid in the washing process, helping to remove impurities, clay, and contaminants from the material.

Discharge Chute: Cleaned and washed materials are discharged through a chute or conveyor for further processing or use.

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