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Three Disc Dry Magnetic Separator

Capacity: 100-500 Kg/h
Feeding Size: ≤2 mm 
Process Material: Titanium, rare earth ore, tungsten-tin ore, chromite, niobium-tantalum ore, Limonite, Zircon, gold red, solitary, feldspar, quartz, and other magnetic differences in a variety of metallic minerals or non-metallic materials of the iron remover.

Three Disc Dry Magnetic Separator Introduction

3pc disc magnetic separator is used for separating the weak magnetic minerals and rare metal ore, it is a very important mineral processing equipment. Three-disc magnetic separators are divided into two types of dry three-disc high-intensity magnetic separators The magnetic field intensity can be obtained by adjusting the magnetic field current of the magnetic disks to form different intensity to separate the minerals efficiently, and by adjusting the induction distance between the magnetic disks and the selected particles To achieve one-time separation of a variety of minerals. This equipment is widely used in the dry separation of Ilmenite, monazite, tungsten tin ore, tantalite and other magnetic and non-magnetic minerals.

Magnetic Separators for Sale
As a professional magnetic separator supplier, we supply types of magnetic separators, includes Dry Drum Magnetic Separator, Wet magnetic separator, Roller Electrostatic Separator, Three-disc dry magnetic separator, High-Intensity Magnetic Separator, magnetic separator laboratory use equipment. Magnetic separator design service is available.

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