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Gold Melting Furnaces

A gold melting furnace is a device used to smelt and refine gold. It is used in ore mining, metal smelting, jewelry manufacturing, scientific research, and other fields. Its primary function is to heat the gold material to a high temperature to melt it, then, through different process steps, realize the separation, purification, or manufacture of gold products in different forms.

What Are Gold Melting Furnaces?

Gold melting furnaces are specialized equipment designed to heat gold to its melting point, allowing it to change from solid to liquid. These furnaces are employed in various industries, including jewelry making, gold smithing, mining, and metalworking. They are available in different types, such as electric gold melting furnaces and induction gold melting furnaces, each offering unique advantages.

Gold Melting Equipment Manufacturer

JXSC Mineral is a reputable Gold Melting Equipment Manufacturer known for its high-quality products and innovative solutions in the gold refining and smelting industry. With years of experience and expertise, we have gained a strong reputation among customers worldwide.

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Our Advantages

We offer diverse gold melting equipment, including electric gold melting furnaces, induction gold melting furnaces, and portable gold melting machines. This extensive product range allows customers to find the most suitable equipment based on their needs and preferences.

Our gold melting furnaces are built precisely using top-quality materials. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and ensure durability, making them reliable tools for long-term use.

We employ advanced technology in its gold melting equipment, ensuring efficient and precise heating. Their induction gold melting furnaces, in particular, offer rapid and uniform heating, which results in energy savings and consistent melting performance.

We prioritize the user experience in its equipment design. Our gold furnaces have user-friendly interfaces and controls, making them easy to operate and maintain. This user-friendly approach ensures that experienced professionals and newcomers can use the equipment effectively.

We are committed to providing excellent customer support and service. We offer technical assistance, guidance, and troubleshooting to help customers with any issues they may encounter. Our responsive customer support team ensures all clients a smooth and satisfactory experience.

Despite offering top-quality equipment, JXSC strives to maintain competitive pricing. The gold melting equipment provides excellent value for money, with reliable performance and efficiency, reducing operational costs in the long run.

Gold & Silver Smelting Furnace For Sale

We can divide the gold melting furnace into high frequency and intermediate frequency according to different power sources. Generally, 220V or 380V is used for high frequency, the melting volume is relatively small, and the temperature is relatively low. The intermediate frequency is generally 380V voltage, the melting capacity is rather large, and the temperature is relatively high.

The 2-5kg high-frequency induction melting furnace is a portable melting equipment mainly used to quickly melt metal or other materials. It is designed to be easily carried or moved from one location to another, making it suitable for various applications such as jewelry making, small-scale metal casting, laboratory use, and other situations where on-the-go or flexible melting capabilities are required.

Capacity: 2-5kg

Procession Material: Platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold, silver, copper, steel, aluminum, activated carbon, gold ash, gold sand, electrolytic mud, gold and silver powder, and other metals.

Main Features

  • Fast heating
  • Energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Protection against overcurrent, phase loss, water shortage, overvoltage, short circuits, and overheating.
  • The installation and operation of the machine are simple. No on-site debugging is required just water and electricity.
The tilting melting furnace is an intermediate frequency induction melting furnace for metal melting and casting. The melting furnace is usually constructed of refractory materials to resist high temperatures and chemical attacks. The tilting mechanism can be operated manually or automatically. Its’ melting capacity of gold can be from 10 kg to 250 kg.

Capacity: 10-250kg

Procession Material: Gold, copper, silver, aluminum, aluminum alloy, steel, stainless steel, etc.,

Type: Motor drive, manual, hydraulic tilting melting furnace

Main Features

  • Effective output power reaches over 95%.
  • Easy to replace different weights, materials, and furnaces.
  • 24-hour uninterrupted melting capacity.
  • It can be tilted or poured to facilitate feeding, unloading, and control of the melting process.
Our portable gold melting furnace is a compact, lightweight device that melts small amounts of gold. The mini gold melting furnace can melt 1kg, 2kg, and 3 kg of gold. The mini gold melting furnace is ideal for industrial and workshop professional use, suitable for smelting processing of gold, pure silver, pure copper, and aluminum.

Capacity: 1-3kg

Procession Material: Gold, copper, silver, tin, aluminum, etc.,

Power Plus: CN, AU, EU, UK Optional

Color: Red, Black Optional

Types: Standard and Metal Furnace With Net

Main Features

  • High-Purity Graphite Crucible
  • Fast & Efficient Heating
  • Digital Temperature Control
Cabinet gold and silver melting oven is an industrial equipment that melts precious metals such as gold and silver. “Cabinet” indicates that the melting furnace is housed within a protective cabinet or enclosure to provide safety and control during the melting process. The 1-8kg cabinet melting furnace is suitable for processing small to medium quantities of gold and silver.

Capacity: 1-8kg

Procession Material: Gold, silver, copper, beryllium, and other non-ferrous metal

Color: Orange, Blue Optional

Main Features

  • 100% full load, 24 hours continuous working ability.
  • Rapid heating, energy saving, low smelting cost, high performance-price ratio.
  • Cabinet design, small size, lightweight, easy installation, and operation.

Gold Melting Machine Cost

When you are finding a gold furnace, it will frequently ask how much a gold melting furnace costs. The different sizes, capacities, materials, brands, and quality of gold melting furnaces will affect the machine’s price. If you want to buy a competitive price gold melting machine, JXSC Mineral will supply a reliable and cost-effective solution.