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Graphite Crucible Mini Metal Melting Furnace

Capacity: 1-3Kg for gold
Voltage: 110/220V
Maximum Temperature: 1150℃
Power: 1450/1650W
Color: Red / Black
Melting Time: 40-48 min
Procession Material: Gold, copper, silver, tin, aluminum, etc.,

Mini Metal Melting Furnace Introduction

The mini melting furnace with a compact design is perfect for metal meting use. The metal smelting furnace can meet the industry’s requirements by using fine-quality materials. The capacity of the metal melting furnace is 1kg, 2kg, and 3 kg for gold. The mini gold melting furnace is ideal for industrial and workshop professional use, suitable for smelting processing of gold, pure silver, pure copper, and aluminum.

Mini Gold Melting Furnace Types/Models

Gold Melting Furnace with net

Metal Furnace With Net

Standard Gold Melting Furnace

Standard Metal Furnace

gold melting furnace - power optional

Power Plus: CN, AU, EU, UK Optional
Color: Red, Black Optional

Mini Gold Melting Furnace Features

  • High-Purity Graphite Crucible
    The high-purity graphite crucible with high density and delicate surface can heat quickly and is usually used even at a high temperature. In addition, the crucible withstands heat, acids, and alkalis to ensure dependable long-term service without wear or corrosion.
Graphite Crucible
  • Quartz Cover
    Its lid and inner tank are made of high-quality quartz for durability. And the quartz chamber with cooling holes facilitates heat dissipation after high-temperature usage to preserve heating components.
  • Digital Temperature Control
    Characterized by the PID module and digital control system, the furnace monitors the melting chamber’s temperature at 2-second intervals—besides, the K-type thermocouple and display panel work simultaneously to achieve accurate temperature measurement and precise display.
  • Fast & Efficient Heating
    The metal melting furnace with high-temperature alloy heating wire features fast & efficient heating, reaching the maximum temperature of 2102 ℉ / 1150 ℃. It can melt metals with a melting point below 1100 ℃ in 45 minutes, such as gold, sterling silver, pure copper, and aluminum.
  • Complete Accessories
    This gold smelter furnace set includes a graphite crucible, crucible tongs, a power cable, and protective gloves. We provide everything you need to ensure your security.
Mini Metal Melting Furnace

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