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Slurry Magnetic Separator

Slurry Magnetic Separator

Capacity: 10-100 m3/h

Feeding Material Density: 10-30%

Power: 90-178 kW

Application: Ceramics, mining, chemical industry, electronics, food and other industries.

Slurry Magnetic Separator Introduction

The slurry magnetic separator is a kind of equipment widely used in mining, metallurgy, environmental protection, and other fields. It is mainly used to separate and extract magnetic substances. Its working principle is mainly based on the adsorption effect of magnetic fields on magnetic substances.

Application Range
The slurry magnetic separator is widely used in the removal and separation of iron impurities and magnetic substances in slurries and glazes in ceramics, glass, chemicals, electronics, food, medicine, and other industries.


  1. Unique material reverse pressure flow direction design, so that the larger the specific gravity of iron, the easier to remove.
  2. The design of the pressure flow direction makes iron adsorbed and self-resistant, and it is easier to be left in the magnetic field.
  3. The back-flushing type automatic iron-unloading system is designed so that the iron can be more easily, quickly, and thoroughly discharged to the machine body.
  4. The equipment comes with an automatic water storage system, through the intelligent system’s accurate control, realizes the minimum water consumption, more energy saving, and environmental protection.
  5. In particular in the food and drug industry, the material contact part is made of food-grade stainless steel, so as to avoid secondary pollution.
  6. The equipment welding adopts high-tech non-filling cold welding technology and high light treatment of the inner wall. Avoid material residue and wall hanging phenomenon.

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