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Vibratory Sand Screening Machine With Conveyor

Capacity: 0-200 T/H
Screen & Mesh Size: Customization
Motor Power:
Main motor: 4-11 kW;
Screen motor:4-7.5 kW;
Vibration Motor: 0.5 kW
Application: Sand and gravel separation, cinder separation, ore separation, construction sites, sand fields, road and bridge projects, grain depots, etc.

Vibratory Sand Screening Machine With Conveyor Introduction

The sand screening machine, a dry land sand screening boat, is suitable for sand and gravel separation equipment in rivers, reservoirs, and coal fields. The vibrating screen sand screening machine is an important construction equipment used to screen and separate gravel of different sizes. Its function is to screen and classify gravel in the production process of building materials to obtain gravel of different particle sizes. The emergence of the vibrating sand screening machine has replaced the problem of slow manual sand screening, saved a lot of human resources, improved the efficiency of sand screening, and can fully meet people’s requirements for sand screening.


  • Due to the strong vibration of the screen box, the vibrating screening machine reduces the phenomenon of materials blocking the screen holes, making the screen have higher screening efficiency and productivity.
  • The structure is simple, and the screen surface is easily replaced.
  • Screening consumes less electricity per ton of material.
  • Can perform multi-layer screening and classification with good effect

The mobile vibrating sand screening machine is a sand mining machinery separating coarse and fine materials. It has fast sand production speed, uniform material discharge, high reliability of the whole machine, low one-time investment, high screening efficiency, and long service life by using a special screen. The distinctive feature of the mobile vibrating sand screening machine is its mobility, which usually has wheels or tracks and can be easily moved between construction sites or mining sites to adapt to different tasks and location requirements. This type of equipment is typically used in applications that require the movement and handling of sand, gravel, or other granular materials, such as construction sites, mining sites, or concrete batching plants.

The mobile vibratory sand screening machine with a conveyor is a multi-functional equipment with a complex structure. It consists of multiple components such as a vibrating screening part, a conveying part, a support structure, a control system and moving parts to achieve the screening of granular materials such as sand and gravel. It has a wide range of uses. One machine is multi-purpose and can process a variety of sizes and shapes. It is efficient, energy-saving, sturdy and durable.

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