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Dual Vibration Motor Feeder

Dual Vibration Motor Feeder

Capacity: 30-300 t/h

Feeding Size: 0-550 mm

Motor Power: 3-6 kW

Installation Slope: 10°

Dual Vibration Motor Feeder Introduction

The motor vibrating feeder is a feeding equipment with a vibrating motor as the vibration source. Its vibrator composes two eccentric shafts at specific positions meshed and gears. During assembly, the two gears must be meshed according to the marks, and driven by the motor, causing the two eccentric shafts to rotate, thereby generating a huge combined linear excitation force, which forces the machine body to vibrate on the support spring. The material uses this vibration to slide and throw on the trough, moving the material forward and achieving the purpose of feeding.

The dual vibration motor is a commonly used vibration mechanical equipment. Dual motors drive it.  The motors drive the vibrator to generate vibration force, thereby realizing the screening, transportation, and discharge of materials through the transmission of a synchronous belt and synchronous wheel.

The dual vibration motor feeder is also called the dual vibration motor feeding machine, or double vibration motor feeder. It can feed lumpy and granular materials from the storage bin to the material-receiving device evenly, regularly, and continuously in the production line. It can continuously and evenly feed the crushing machinery, and coarsely screen the materials, in the sand and gravel production line. The dual vibration motor feeder is widely used in combined crushing and screening equipment in metallurgy, coal mines, mineral processing, building materials, chemicals, abrasives, and other industries.

The dual vibration motor feeder has many features including a simple structure and easy maintenance, easy operation and control. It can evenly feed materials, avoiding material accumulation and blockage. It has become a famous and popular feeding machine in various industries, especially for mineral processing.

Dual Vibration Motor Feeder

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