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Dewatering Equipment

JXSC has very strict production management and advanced production technology in Dewatering Equipment.  We own advanced cutting,  automatic welding, and boring machines, which make our dewatering machine of high quality and good appearance.

JXSC has been engaged in the production and sales of dewatering equipment since 1985. It is a professional manufacturer of crushers and beneficiation equipment in China. The types of dewatering machines include dewatering screens, rotary dryers, thickeners, plate & frame filter press, and so on.

Dewatering Equipment for Sale

Basic Parameters of Equipment

Dewatering EquipmentCapacityPowerOthers
Dewatering Screen10-250 T/H2.2-30 kWScreening sieve hole size: 0.2-0.5mm
Rotary Dryer1.9-76 T/H7.5-160 kWProcession Material: Gold, chrome, tin, coltan,diamond,tantalize, silica sand
Thickener1.3-1440 T/D1.1-11 kWFeeding Size: 0-3 mm
Plate And Frame Filter Press0.24-7.96 m32.2-5.5 kWFilter Areas: 20-500 ㎡
Filter Plates: 20-128 pcs
Disc Vacuum Filter0.85-1.2 t/h•㎡2.2-15 kWFiltering Area: 10-120 ㎡
Belt Filter Press0.5-30 t/h0.75-7.5 kWSlurry feed concentration: 3-8%
Output concentration: 25-40%

JXSC Mineral

Mineral processing equipment and solutions
Dehydration Saving Cost
  • Application: Flotation process, tailings treatment, ore drying, etc.
  • Function: Reduce the volume of slurry, improve product quality, and reduce transportation and subsequent processing costs.
  • Dehydration Methods: Centrifugal dehydration, filter press dehydration, vacuum dehydration, filtration dehydration, hot air flow dehydration, etc.