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Gold Washing Plant

The gold washing plant is a kind of mechanical equipment mainly used for the separation of placer gold. The gold washing plant can be loaded manually or by the loader to the silo, and the materials are washed and screened by the trommel screen or rotary scrubber. The large particle waste is discharged, and the remaining materials are selected by the agitating chute or fixed chute.  

Types of Gold Washing Plant

The wash plants have different structure types: portable/mobile, trailer-mounted, skid-mounted, and fixed mounted for easy land transportation and quick on-site installation.

Products Shows

Mobile Gold Washing Plant

The mobile/portable gold wash plant integrates ore mining and gold mineral processing operation, including the excavation system, mineral processing equipment, water supply system, tailings treatment system, power supply, etc.

The mobile gold washing plant is a kind of gold equipment that can be moved on land. It has the characteristics of compact structure, strong integrity, light-weight, large handling capacity, simple operation, reliable operation, easy maintenance, and convenient operation.

Mobile Gold Washing Plants for Sale

There are two kinds of washing plants that can be chosen for gold mining, one is the plant with a trommel screen, and the other one is with a rotary scrubber and trommel.
The following mobile gold washing plants are the piece of common suite equipment for small-scale gold mining with scalability and flexibility. 

Mobile Gold Washing Plant With Trommel Screen (few sticky raw materials)

The mobile gold washing plant with a trommel screen is fit for a few sticky raw materials.

Screening System
Drum screen/rolling cylinder drum sieve is designed for processing minerals, mainly for alluvial/placer gold ore washing & screening, it consists of a half covered trommel screen, one diesel engine/ electric motor, water pump & water pipes, and other facilities such as the feeding hopper and the mobile system.

The trommel screen adopts different aperture openings and various sieves to treat different raw materials, improve screening efficiency and prolong the sieve life.

The small and portable gold wash plant with trommel is a more flexible and cheaper gold washing solution, it can be fully customizable & moveable. This small machine can equip with a sluice box, gold centrifugal concentrator, shaker table, gold trommel, and another washer like the sand washing machine. Also, vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, pumps, and other portable mining equipment can be followed according to different conditions.

Mobile Gold Washing Plant With Trommel Features

  • Configured for economical & efficient classification, screening, and grading.
  • Heavy-duty trommel drum with lifters at the front to facilitate material break up.
  • Screen replaceable for different mesh sizes.
  • Multiple screen sizes.
  • Easily changed screen plates.
  • Largest processing capacity in the industry.
  • Unique screen design results in higher capacities, longer screen life, and no material clogging.
  • Heavy-duty feed hopper and extension.
  • Discharge chute
  • Gear drive mechanism
  • Variable speed drive mechanism  
mobile trommel screen

Configuration Parameter

MachineModelCapacityFeeding Size
Gold Washing TrommelJXSC-90040 tons per hour150-200mm
Gold Centrifugal ConcentrationSTLB608-12 tons per hour3mm
Sluice Box1*6 m20 tons per hour3-15mm
Shaking TableLY2100500 kg per hour2mm

Mobile Gold Washing Plant With Rotary Scrubber (sticky raw materials)

The mobile gold wahsing plant with rotary scrubber is fit for sticky raw materials, such as clay, laterite, and kaolin.

Clay Processing System

  1. With customized capacity and strong power scrubbing, a large capacity can reach 200-250tons per hour.
  2. The long washing drum of the scrubber retains material for longer, more vigorous washing for complete separation.
  3. One high output electrical motor driving a rubber wheel system providing efficient torque.
  4. Rotation speed can be adjusted by the advanced reducer.
  5. The water with high pressure flushed the inwall of the drum.
  6. Can accept material up to 230mm.
  • Designed to break up alluvial gravels, clays, and sand.
  • High capacity and high power scrubbing.
  • The long drum of the scrubber retains material for longer, more vigorous washing for complete separation.
  • Thickening type steel plate for the drum.
  • Heavy-duty bearing, gear, and roller.
  • Wearable screen at the exit of the drum for screening.
  • One high output electrical motor driving a gear system provides efficient torque.
  • The water with high pressure flushed the inwall of the drum.
  • Can accept material up to 230mm.
  • Shell design less mass than conventional roller supported units – installation craneage requirement reduced the rotary drum.
mobile trommel scrubber
  1. The use cost of a drum ore washer is low, and thesingle processing capacity can be up to 200 t/h,The mineral washed out contains less than 0.5%mud and less than 2 % water. The impeller drivebearing device is isolated from water and watermaterials, which can avoid damage of bearingdue to water, sand, and pollutants.
  2. The ore is fully soaked in the front end of thedrum ore washer, and the separation of ore andmud is realized at the back end. The watersaving effect of the whole set of equipment isremarkable, the washing efficiency is up to 98%;Two or three different specifications of sand andstone products can be obtained by installingsingle or double layer circular screen in therotary drum.

Gold Washing Plant Process

Feeding: Dredge pump, hopper feeder with vibrating grizzly bar.
Washing and Screening: Usually use a rotary scrubber, gold trommel, sand washing machine, vibrating screen, etc.
Beneficiation: Gold centrifugal concentrator, shaker table, sluice box, mineral jig.
Water supply
Mobile System:
Composed of chassis and traction steering two major components, 4 axes 16 tires, 4 mechanical legs support centrifuge, can be turned in situ 180 degrees, easy to move to the workplace.

According to the size of free gold, different equipment such as jig, centrifugal concentrator, sluice box, or shaker table are equipped to the wash plant to recover coarse and fine free gold fully. The recovery rate is up to 97%.

Mobile Gold Washing Plant Power Selection
The customer can select the electric grid or the diesel generator to supply power to the electric motors of the mobile washing plant.