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Vertical Shaft Compound Crusher

Vertical Shaft Compound Crusher

Capacity: 5-200 TPH

Feeding Size: ≤100 mm

Discharge Size: 0-5 mm

Power: 30-250 kW

Application: Mineral processing plants, coal plants, chemical plants, cement, glass, ceramics, electric power, etc.

Vertical Shaft Compound Crusher Introduction

A vertical shaft compound crusher is a special type of crushing equipment that combines the characteristics of vertical crushers and impact crushers. It usually consists of the rotor and impact plate of a vertical crusher, which can perform impact and squeeze crushing simultaneously to achieve a more efficient crushing effect.

The compound vertical crusher is widely used in mining, construction, metallurgy, the chemical industry, and other industries. It is suitable for crushing ore, slag, construction waste, and other materials of various hardness and strength. It is one of the necessary crushing equipment.

The vertical shaft compound crusher is a new type of crushing equipment developed and designed based on the technology of similar crushers at home and abroad. It can perform fine crushing and coarse grinding of many types of materials. It has a large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, stable operation, and easy operation and maintenance. It can crush blast furnace slag, coal gangue, lump coal, sandstone, gypsum, and other materials. The vertical shaft compound crusher is vertical crushing equipment that is more convenient to move and operate. It is small in size and relatively cheap. It is more affordable than other crushing equipment, has high-cost performance, and has strong production capacity.

Vertical Shaft Compound Crusher features


  • Not easy to clog There is no screen bar setting, so it is difficult to block when crushing materials with high moisture and large mud content.
  • Device protection mechanism The elastic adjustment mechanism automatically discharges unbreakable objects into the system without damaging the equipment.
  • Low noise and less pollution The working noise is less than 75 decibels (db level); the advanced sealing device can prevent dust from floating in the air during crushing, improving the environment of the work site.
  • High productivity It has the functions of fine crushing and coarse grinding, and it is suitable for medium-hard and extra-hard materials.
  • Consumable parts have a long service life The wearing parts adopt the current domestic new high-strength, wear-resistant materials.

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