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Gold Heap Leaching

Heap leaching is a process that grinds gold mine with low grade to certain particles, heap upon the leakage-proof bottom mat that concreted by pitch, concrete or plastic cloth, spray the low concentration cyanide solution, alkaline solution, nontoxic solvent, dilute sulphuric acid on the stock heap, make the gold dissolve, the solution with a gold heap up, then use active carbon to absorb or use zinc cementation to recover the gold.


About Heap Leaching

Heap Leaching is a process that is used to treat the gold mine with low grade, cause it’s processed simple, easy operation, low energy consumption, investment saving, effective. Scale can be chosen, the maximum scale can be million tons /day.

Mineral Processing

Heap Leaching Process
Gold Heap Leaching Solution

Technology process
Heap leaching process composes of concrete of the site, pre-process of the ore (crush or produce), concrete heap, spray leaching, disinfection and discharge the recovery of gold from pregnant solution.

Raw ore processing 
After the raw ore is ground by jaw crusher and cone crusher, the particles become (30-50mm), put them to concrete directly; fine particles need to be produced (make the fine particles become the rough particles ), then transport the mineral by forklift truck to the concrete heap.

Spray system
Put a spray system above the heap. After the cyanide solution and heap reacted, the pregnant solution exudes from the heap and flows into the pregnant tank, then infiltrates into the absorption column by the pregnant solution pump, the solution rest is the barren solution, barren solution return to the spray system for recycling.

Desorption and electrowinning   
With high temperature and high pressure in the desorption and electrowinning, the gold pulp come out, and after smelting, come out the gold bullion. The main equipment in heap leaching that including a jaw crusher, cone crusher, spray device, desorption and electrowinning, smelting device, etc.

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