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Stack High Frequency Fine Screen

Screening Size: 1.92-9.6 m2
Motor Power: 2.2 KW × 2
Screen Layer: 1-5
Screen Material: Polyurethane
Application: Sand washing and recycling, coal washing and dehydration, tailings dry discharge, mud dewatering

Stack Vibrating Screen Introduction

The stack high-frequency fine screen is a specialized vibrating screen designed to separate fine and ultra-fine particles from the feed material efficiently. These screens are commonly used in mineral processing, coal preparation, aggregate production, and industrial minerals processing.

5-deck Vibrating Stack Screen

JXSC Mineral is a reputable mining equipment manufacturer, and one of the products we offer is the 5-deck vibrating stack screen.

Here are some features of our 5-deck high-frequency screens:

  • The stack vibrating screenadopts the structural design of superposed multi-layer screen boxes, with an effective screening area of 9.6m and five screen box layers. The effective screening width of the single-layer screen box is 1200mm, the effective screening length of the screen machine is 1600mm, and there are two sections of replaceable secondary slurry tanks between the two sections of the screen.
  • It adopts high quality, high opening rate, anti-blocking, and wear-resistant polyurethane screen. It uses a special ore distributor to divert the flow and feed the ore feeder so that the material can be evenly spread on the screen surface while ensuring large output, thereby Reducing the impact of the slurry on the screen due to excessive flow speed and increasing the service life of the screen. The average life is not less than six months.
  • Equipped with vibration motors with low energy consumption, high efficiency, stable and reliable performance. The motor installation uses patented thread anti-loosening technology to prevent loosening and ensure the reliability of the vibration source.
  • Multiple channels are connected in parallel and occupy a small space. The five decks of the vibrating screen are superimposed layers, equivalent to merging the floor space of five screen machines into the floor space of one screen machine, making the entire vibrating screen more compact and increasing the flexibility of installation at the production site.
  • All slurry-passing parts inside the screen box are lined with a high-wear-resistant particular rubber layer, which is highly bonded to the box’s surface and does not fall off, effectively avoiding wear and tear on the screen box from quicksand. The exterior of the screen box is all made of polyurethane spraying technology, with a spray thickness of 1.2-2mm, which greatly improves the wear and corrosion resistance of the screen box. The screen box plates are made of low-alloy, high-strength structural steel and produced using CNC cutting. The overall heat treatment of the screen box eliminates Stress, avoids secondary deformation of the screen box, and effectively extends the life of the equipment.

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