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Korea 20TPH Tungsten Ore Processing Plant

Korea 20TPH Tungsten Ore Process Plant

JXSC has provided a successful 20TPH Tungsten process plant in Korea. We design the tin process plant flowchart & plant layout drawing according to ore conditions, provide a complete set of plant machines and send Chinese engineers to the mine site for plant installation & commissioning guidance.


Minerals: Rock Tungsten Ore Contains Arsenic
Capacity: 20 TPH
Process:  Crushing, gravity beneficiation, flotation separation

Solutions & Process

Rock Tungsten Mining

The mined tungsten ore is initially crushed by jaw crusher, and after being crushed to reasonable fineness, it is uniformly fed into a ball mill by a hoist and a feeder.

The crushed ore from the jaw crusher come into a ball mill to crush and grind.

Classifying & Washing
After the ball mill grinds fine ore into the next process: classification, spiral classifier by the proportion of different solid particles in the liquid precipitation rate of different principles, to wash the ore mixture, classification.

Magnetic Separation
When the washed and classified mineral mixture passes through the magnetic separator, the magnetic material in the mixture is separated by magnetic force and mechanical force because of the different specific magnetization coefficients of various minerals.

After the initial separation of mineral particles magnetic separators are sent to the flotation machine, according to different mineral characteristics to add different drugs, so that the desired minerals and other substances are separated. After the desired mineral is separated, because it contains a large amount of water, it must be initially concentrated by a thickener and then dried by a dryer to obtain the dried mineral.

Equipment Lists

  • 1 set jaw crusher: for crushing big size stone into a small stone.
  • 1 set ball mill: Grinding small stone to fine material minus 1 mm.
  • Spiral chute: Rough concentrate heavy minerals after ball mill.
  • Gold shaking table: the concentrate ore from the spiral chute will go to the shaking table for separation.
  • Flotation cell: Use flotation to remove arsenic.

Main Equipment Used in This Case

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