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Double-impeller Leaching Tank

Double-impeller Leaching Tank

Effective Capacity: 6-342 m³

Motor Power: 2.2-22 kW

Working Condition: The ore particle size below 200 mesh is greater than 90%; Slurry concentration≤ 45%.

Double-impeller Leaching Tank Introduction

The double-impeller leaching tank is a specialized equipment used in the hydrometallurgical extraction process, particularly in the gold and silver leaching operations. It is mainly used in cyanide leaching of gold-producing and sewage treatment of cyanide factories. It is also used in metallurgy, chemical industry, and light industry. In the carbon slurry and cyanide processes, the leaching tank should be used with the carbon screen, carbon pulp, and other auxiliary equipment.

Compare the double impeller leaching tank with the ordinary mixing tank, it is designed with two impellers that provide superior mixing and agitation of the slurry. The impellers are typically arranged vertically, one above the other, ensuring that the mixing of pulp can be more uniform, in terms of energy consumption, the more saving energy. The impeller uses wrapping adhesive technology, long service life, and moral give into the gas use is for gas, air evenly.


The double impeller leaching tank is suitable for gold leaching, adsorption, and other mixing operations where the specific gravity is small, the viscosity is low, the settling speed is slow, the ore particle size is -200 mesh accounting for more than 90%, and the slurry concentration is less than 45%. The double impeller cyanide leaching agitation tank equipment can be used for metallurgy, chemical industry, and light industry departments.

Double-impeller Leaching Tank details

The double-impeller leaching tank is a highly effective piece of equipment for enhancing the leaching process in hydrometallurgy. Its design focuses on providing strong and uniform agitation, which helps in improving the dissolution rates of metals from ores, ultimately leading to higher recovery rates and more efficient extraction processes.

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