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Ore Washing Machines Simplify Mining Operations

The ore washing machine mainly uses mechanical equipment to clean the raw stone, ensuring sufficient productivity to meet the stone supply to the concrete mixing station while ensuring the quality of the work. The transportation process of its washing machine is raw material storage, transportation, cleaning, finished product transportation, and sewage sedimentation and reuse. Raw materials are generally stored in a storage hopper. A loader can be used to load the storage hopper. The loading width of the hopper should be greater than 3 meters. The hopper’s capacity depends on the loader’s loading height, transportation height, and the gravity angle of the raw materials. The bigger the better.

The key to ore washing machine cleaning is not to carry dirty water in the trough when the stone is discharged after cleaning to avoid secondary pollution of the stone. The cleaned stones are usually transported to the finished product storage area or storage hopper through a belt for use. Therefore, it is best to shield the storage area or wash and use it immediately. Regardless of the type of washing machine, a large amount of sewage will be produced. Considering environmental requirements, a sewage sedimentation and reuse tank is generally set up. The tank volume and sedimentation level are determined according to the output, and mechanical or manual sludge cleaning is also considered.

The ore washing machine is helpful for the subsequent work

The emergence of ore washing machines has effectively alleviated the shortage of natural sand. As the quality of natural sand gradually improves, more and more users are willing to choose natural sand when they need sand and gravel. The ore washing machine is important in the sand and gravel production line. It guarantees the equipment’s follow-up work, meets most users’ high standards and requirements for sand and gravel quality, and wins a bright spot for the company’s sand and gravel production line.

The raw materials used in the sand and gravel production line mostly come from mines, river pebbles, and other materials. After being crushed by the crusher, they will contain some stone powder or dust, which often affects the quality of the machine’s sand and gravel. To solve this problem, ore washing machine equipment appeared in the sand and gravel production line. The ore washing machine can effectively improve the gravel and other debris mixed in after crushing river pebbles. Through cleaning, the sand and gravel materials can be made purer, and when used in construction engineering and other industries, it can ensure the quality of the project.

The ore washing machine requires regular comprehensive inspection and maintenance

How do you extend the life of the ore washing machine equipment? As technicians, we will analyze the sand-making machine for you. Regularly check the bearing seats at both ends of the ore washing machine. This is the same reason. One is for image, and the other is for normal production.  

When the ore washing machine is running, since water is the primary resource, the flushing water pipe must be opened first and then the ore washing is carried out. At the same time, attention should be paid to adjusting the water spray’s direction and the overflow plate’s height to maintain a suitable water surface. When using the roller bearing seat ore washing machine, regularly check the bearing seats at both ends of the bolt and pay attention to the reliability of its sealing device. Once wear, water seepage, stone immersion, etc. are found, the machine should be stopped immediately to replace the sealing device and clean and lubricate the bearings. The reduction gearbox must be cleaned, and the oil changed after three months of operation. If you use a plastic bearing washing machine, you must pay attention to the pressure of the bearing lubricating water; otherwise, wear or stone may occur. General plastic bearings can be inspected once every three months when not in operation. If they are excessively worn, they should be replaced.

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What factors will affect the speed of the main shaft of the ore washing machine?

Everyone knows that mechanical equipment is most afraid of high temperatures because the shaft speed will cause the temperature of the mechanical equipment to damage the bearings. So today we will discuss with you what factors will affect the speed of the main shaft of the ore washing machine.

The speed of the ore washing machine’s main shaft will directly affect the hammer head’s centrifugal force and the impact force generated during collision. At the same time, the impact of the main shaft changes slightly at different speeds. Therefore, only by understanding the structural design and principles that are beneficial to the spindle, impact plate, and plate hammer can we operate them better.

The mineral processing index will be reduced if the magnetic medium in the mineral washing machine equipment is not clean or blocked. Therefore, users must frequently clean the mechanical equipment and air intake gaps to maintain the cleanliness of the machine body and the surrounding environment. At the same time, the higher the intensity of the magnetic field, the lower the grade of the tailings, so we must increase the intensity of the magnetic field as much as possible. The liquid level of the ore washing machine cannot be too low, otherwise the pulsation will not have any effect, which will cause the concentrate grade to drop significantly, thereby causing the tailings grade to increase. The solution at this time is to increase the amount of ore feed and the amount of rinsing water and then close the tailings valve.

The quality of the ore washing machine

In the long-term use of the ore washing machine, the dust cleaned in the sand and gravel is deposited in the equipment due to the long-term cleaning of sand and gravel. For the equipment to work better, we should clean the equipment regularly. As the construction and building materials industry demands higher and higher functionality and safety of equipment, the new generation of ore washing machines has certain technical improvements and greater operational complexity. Our ore washing machine has a higher degree of cleaning, a more reasonable structural design, a large processing capacity, and a low functional consumption rate, which meets the energy-saving and environmental protection standards advocated by the current society.

The ore washing machine we produce can ensure the characteristics of less sand loss and a low failure rate. This is a better choice among domestic mineral washing machines. The new generation of ore washing machines are easy to maintain, low in cost, and relatively simple to operate. More attention should be paid to the operation of the ore washing machine equipment in actual production operations. Its operation method has generality like other equipment but is also unique. Every company’s success has its reasons, and the only constant is the quality of its products. Our equipment factory has gone through many years of ups and downs, and the quality of our products is rock solid and unbreakable.